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Lewiston Utah Landscape

Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins and Cora May Burbank Marriage Certificate

Head Shot: 

Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins and Cora May Burbank

Life Sketch by Lindsay Marcus Rawlins

(With help from brothers, Aerial, Horace, and Reed; sister Mae; and sister-in-law, Velma, my brother Owen's wife.)

My mother was Cora May Burbank Rawlins. My father was Jasper Alfonzo Rawlins, although he always went by the name of Alf.


James Rawlins - What we Know

The information on the above JAMES MASON RAWLINS has been passed down orally and has been published. However, at this time the Compiler has no proof by virtue of Bible, Record, or Letter of the facts of descent from James Mason Rawlins other than the fact that both JAMES RAWLINS, JR. and his Uncle REVEREND RODERICK RAWLINS, made claim to the same set of facts.

The information regarding the rest of the individuals in this compilation are documented whensofar as has been possible.

James Rawlins, Sr. *

Rutherford County, North Carolina, circa 1766



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