Persons Unknown

When we scanned pictures from the album we obtained from Julia Rawlins, on 2-27-11 we came across several pictures whom are unknown. If anyone can identify these people, please do so in the comments area. Thanks.


First Unknown
Second Unknown

Rawlins Family Research - 2009

My family’s goal for 2009 is to print a Rawlins family history. We realize many histories have been printed. The goal of this history is to bring together in one place the inspirational, funny, and humanizing stories of our ancestors. It is not our goal to put together an exhaustive research and Genealogy (which is on the website) but rather to present our ancestors in a more accessible and interesting way so that future generations might be more interested in their heritage.

The Gourd Parch Affair

Not just a bystander as history was being made!

James Mason Rawlins was a known Loyalist during our War of Independance, well we can't always be on the winning side.

A conspiracy was formed to kill the Governor of Virginia, Gov Richard Caswell and Willie Jones. James either wrote the constitution of the conspirators or it was at least written in his home.

Those who spoke of him are:


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