History of Harvey McGalyard Rawlins

History taken from his own notes and compiled by Nellie L. Rawlins

Harvey McGalyard Rawlins second son and fifth child of names and Jane Sharp Rawlins was born at Apple Creek, Green County, Illinois, February 14, 1825, where he lived until three years of age. They then moved to Adam's Co. which place was their home for the next fourteen years.

Lindsay's Siblings

I need some help with this one as well. Who is the person in the wheel chair, and the one in the gray suit standing next to her? I can see Julia in the back, next to Reed and Ethel. Also, can someone comment on when this was taken and the event?

Lindsay's Siblings

Who is This?

If this is Aerial, then who is standing next to him? Please comment if you know, and if you know when this was taken and at what event it was at. Thanks.


Lindsay Sibling Question

Harvey McGalyard Rawlins - Life Sketch by Himself

Head Shot: 

Harvey McGalyard Rawlins

From "Glimpses" Compiled by Lyle Rawlins

I am giving a sketch of my early experience of the Church. I first joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints about the middle of June, 1844. On the 27th of the same month and of the same year our Prophet Joseph and Hyrum Smith were murdered at C myself and Bro. Isaac Stuart went to the jail and saw them hauling the dead bodies of our Prophet and Patriarchs Hyrum, and wounded John Taylor and the blood on the ground where they set Joseph against the well curb.



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